Sunday, December 12, 2010

No Phone

We as humans have come so far in advancing technology. But our development of communication technology is now surpassing it's original intentions and inhibiting us from doing any actual communicating. I'm so sick of trying to hold a conversation with someone while they have a goddam phone planted in front of their face, answering a text, playing with an app, checking Facebook or Gmail, all the while absentmindedly mmhmm-ing, as if they are listening to what I'm saying. Not only is it rude, it hurts my feelings because it says to me that checking into Foursquare is more important than myself and my time. Yes technology is awesome. But you know what's better? Actual human interaction.
The next time you ask me how I've been and then immediately look at your phone to see who just posted on your wall, I'm walking away.
You can use your phone for what it was originally intended for and call me when you actually want to talk.