Sunday, May 24, 2009

Did I just hear banjo music?

Is it possible to get cabin fever after being in one for only three days? It's gotten to the point where my sister and I are so bored, we have started playing "let's see who can scare the crap out of each other the most." I, of course, am the reigning champion, but Katie is definitely giving me a run for my money. This morning I walked down the stairs only to be greeted by her popping out from around the corner, producing a high pitched scream from me. It really wasn't fair, I had just woken up and wasn't in the zone. But I got her back later this afternoon while we were on the deck by pointing at the glass door behind her and making a terrified face, as if a spider the size of a small dog was waiting to launch itself at her head. She screamed and danced around the deck going "GET IT OFF GET IT OFF" while I basked in the glory of my victory.
We went to a little town not too far away called Little Switzerland and the trip there nearly made me vomit in the car. We went up and down winding roads and I had to close my eyes because seeing all the greenery whip past made me so dizzy. But every now and then there were breaks in the trees and the view was beautiful. The mountains were covered in mist but looking down into the valleys below was breathtaking. The little town was filled with gift shops and one really sweet used bookstore. I got separated from the group in there but came across an entire collection of Charles Dickens books. After buying some books the cashier told me I could get some free ice cream, so score! I got A Tale of Two Cities AND a Klondike Bar. My sister got a sweet sweatshirt even though I begged her to get a shirt that said "If you start hearing banjo music, paddle faster."
Katie and I went for a walk later in the evening on some trails near the river next to the cabin. We encountered a random man who, after walking passed us yelled "Watch out for dem bears!!" Then we walked passed a cabin with banjo music blasting from the inside. There were three little girls dancing on the deck, but as soon as they saw us, they immediately froze and just stared as we walked past. It was bizarre. Needless to say we decided it was time to turn around.
We are heading back home tomorrow. It was nice to get away for the weekend, but I miss technology.......and people for that matter.


  1. Emma!! I'm glad I have a friend on here! lol Hope you're enjoying your summer. If your town, give me a call and we'll hang! : )