Thursday, July 23, 2009

My My

Have you ever gotten the urge to sell everything you own, throw your cell phone into a lake and just drive off to nowhere in particular? Well for the past two weeks....I have. I was with my friend Brittany last week and we were driving around Nashville. I hadn't seen her literally all summer because she had been away at camp. It was a beautiful night. We had just spent a good two and a half hours at Climb Nashville and we were enjoying the cool night air streaming through the open windows. She told me that after practically living outside so much during the summer, she wanted to continue doing it. I told her I wanted to win the lottery. "What would you do with a million dollars?" I asked her. "I would move from place to place," she said. "Each time I would give away everything I owned, I would only keep the clothes I was wearing, and then I would start over." I thought she was completely insane at first. But then I couldn't help but admire her. By this time we were sitting in a Thai restaurant talking about our futures. I told her I was scared because I couldn't picture mine. I feel like I haven't started living yet. I said I felt like since I was born, my whole life has been constructed for me by parents, teachers, friends, employers; basically almost everyone I've ever come in contact with. She told me that's sad. The rest of the summer she is planning on hopping on a Greyhound bus and going all over the place. I asked her if her parents were ok with her doing that. She said she was her own person, she did what she wanted. At that instant I felt incredibly jealous and sad at the same time. I could never ever get away with what she was planning on doing............ or could I?


  1. I would love to do something like that too.
    Live carelessly and live like Jack Kerouac.
    You should read that book if you haven't :)

  2. We actually had to read On the Road in my high school journalism class!...I don't recall if I ever actually finished it. But doesn't it make you want to watch Into the Wild?? haha