Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm not sure why, but Fridays are so lonely.

As soon as I get done with class around noon, I get this antsy feeling that never seems to go away and only becomes more persistent if I decide to come home to my parents house. It feels like I'm missing out on everyone is collectively doing something epic without me.

This house doesn't feel like mine anymore and it's kinda sad. Of course, the fact that my mother is constantly renovating some room in the house doesn't help my cause.

I thought things would be getting better once Homecoming was over....but that hasn't really happened. So many newsworthy things happened this week that only increased the stress I was under dealing with multiple midterms and a news staff of five.

The events that occurred this week made me a little bitter and disgusted with the nature of how people can act. Granted, I try to keep an open mind and consider other people's perspectives. But sometimes, I just can't fathom how people can be so ignorant, close minded, rude, and just downright stupid.

I don't even want to delve into this preacher incident because it only gives me a headache. I'll just leave it at this. Neither party was right. In my opinion, both parties were very wrong. Freedom of speech seems to be such a touchy subject these days and I really feel that people abuse and take for granted this precious amenity. And that's exactly what happened Wednesday afternoon. I may not have been a witness to the events, but I know that no matter what the circumstances are, fighting violence with violence is guaranteed to make things 10x worse, and this case was no exception. It makes me incredibly bitter when I see people try to force their beliefs on other people. It upsets me even more when those people trying to be coerced react with absolute anger and hatred. Everyone thinks they are right. No one is ever wrong. Seriously, as lame as it sounds, can't we all just get along? I'm not saying we should all hold hands and commence skipping in a field of flowers. But let's at least stop acting like 5-year-olds, shrug our shoulders, and move on with life.

Moving on, allegations of hazing have surfaced involving one of the fraternities on campus. Hazing is wrong. That's it. No if, ands, or buts. It's degrading, pointless, not to mention against the law. The fact that people are trying to defend the fraternity in question just boggles my mind. Since when is it ok to urinate on someone? To throw chairs at them and make them do absurd physical activity? Is that what brotherhood is about? Letting someone degrade you just so you can be a part of an organization that you are paying to be in? Please someone explain this to me. I get wanting to be a part of something that helps the community, that builds relationships and creates a positive atmosphere on campus. Please tell me what's positive about this humiliation and degradation that's been taking place.

I just can't wait to get off Greek beat because I feel that my own personal opinions on the organizations are going to start conflicting with my goals to remain objective. That........

and frankly. I just don't care anymore.

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